From Little to Big and Big to Little

The role of a public information office is to keep people informed about what is going on the school. I am not certain as to what our version of a public information office is. If I had to take a guess, I would go with places like Public Safety, Admissions, Cavalier Express, etc. 

There are a total of 22 members on the Board of Trustees. One of the members is Vince Powers, founder and president of Powers Brand Communications LLC. In 2005, Vince was named the recipient of the Philadelphia Business Journal “40 under 40” award.

There are currently 6 Vice President

  • Jay Browning -Associate Vice President for Advancement
  • Gene Castellano -Vice President for Advancement and External Relations
  • Eric Olsen -Vice President for Finance/Treasurer
  • Dr. Christine Lysionek -Vice President for Student Life
  • Dr. Anne Skleder -Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Robert Reese -Vice President for Enrollment Management 

There are 82 Full Time Faculty members and about 93% are them are Professors.

Looking back at Loquitur Archives from 2008-2009, I found an article from Issue 10 that I believe we could cover again. This article dealt with the students voting in the presidential election and ways they were kept informed about the issue going on.

A tickler file is a collection of data-labeled file folders organized in a way that allows time-sensitive documents to be filed according to the future date on which each document needs action. A way to use this system in my own life would be to organize my homework by the dates that they are due.

It would be hard for the Loquitur to cover international news as we don’t have ways of getting to some of the places these stories are coming from. The only way we really have of getting news is places like the New York Times or other news affiliates. 

Looking at the Inside Higher Education site, I found an article on the benefits of teaching online. Cabrini offers a variety of online courses that we could take a look at and see how students have done in those classes.

On the there is an article about tuition for colleges. I think this would be a great article for Cabrini because the tuition for the college is promised to stay at under $30,000 but no one knows for sure if this is going to happen.


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